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Press conference - Dugo Selo, Croatia

On February 29th 2020, a press conference was held in Dugo Selo regarding the project "Equal Opportunities for Women in Handball".
President of RSZŽ Miroslav Ivić opened the press conference after which Mayor of Dugo Selo Nenad Panian welcomed all the project participants and journalists and briefly described the close connection of the town Dugo Selo and the Sport,especially Handball. He expressed his strong support for the Project  and wished a successfull implemetation of the project.
Project Manager Daniela Horvat presented the Project and its activities, project partners and all the events that will take place within the project.
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Kick off meeting in Croatia

From February 28th to March 1th, 2020, a kick off meeting took place in Dugo Selo regarding Erasmus+sport project „Equal oportunities for women in handball“. RSZŽ President Miroslav Ivić opened the meeting and welcomed partners from Hungary and Serbia.He also wished them a pleasant stay and constructive work in coming days.
Deputy Prefect of Zagreb County Hrvoje Frankić honored us with his presence and wished us a successfull implementation of the project  and gave our partners Zagreb County gifts.
During the three days meeting, all partners agreed on the necessary details about the project, defined  the obligations and responsibilities of each partner,roles, duties and tasks of the Coordinator and all partners, the decision-making processes, project overview and quality control and all other details necessary for successful implementation. Based on what was agreed, the partners produced Partner’s Agreement, Project management plan, Internal evaluation plan and Communication and Disemination Plan.

Guest appearance on the radio show "Športofon" on Radio Samobor

RSZŽ vice president and project manager Daniela Horvat made a guest appearance on the radio show "Športofon" on Radio Samobor.

Coordinators meeting in Brussels


Our project manager, Daniela Horvat, participated in the Coordinators meeting held in Brussels on 31 January 2020.

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