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The Zagreb County Handball Federation (RSZŽ) held the final, fourth, workshop of its ERASMUS+ project entitled “EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN IN HANDBALL” from October 8 to 10, 2021, at the Hotel Sport Ivanić-Grad.

Participants in this final gathering were the RSZŽ project team, partner teams from the Women’s Handball Club from Kozarmisleny near Pécs (Hungary) and the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education from Belgrade (Serbia), representatives of the Office of the Gender Equality Ombudsman of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, HRS , HOO, representatives of the management of women’s handball clubs, and coaches from our county, representatives of the Association of Handball Referees of Zagreb County, the Board of Directors of RSZŽ and journalists.

For the demonstration part of the workshop, which was held in the hall “Žeravinec” in Ivanić Grad, 2 players from all our county women’s handball clubs were invited.

The workshop participants were greeted by the Deputy Mayor of Ivanić-Grad, Tomislav Cuvaj, and the Mayor of Dugo Selo, Nenad Panian. The workshop was led by Vice President and Project Manager Daniela Horvat. The topics were discussed by Lidija Bojić-Ćaćić from HRS, doc. Katarina Ohnjec, member of the RSZŽ project team, vice president of the Croatian Olympic Committee Morana Paliković Gruden, and journalist Marin Šarec.

A demonstration training exercise for girls of younger age groups was held in the “Žeravinec” hall. The training was led by trainers Katarina Ohnjec and HRS regional associate and coordinator Dubravka Tunjić. After that, a handball match was played, and the judges were members of our project team, Sanja Hanić and Jelena Vujić.